12 Piece Moon Cards Affirmation Cards for Full Moon & New Moon Set each 13 x 18 cm Manifest Full Moon New Moon Postcards

12 Piece Moon Cards Affirmation Cards for Full Moon & New Moon Set each 13 x 18 cm Manifest Full Moon New Moon Postcards


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Moon Card Set for Manifesting - 12 pieces

♥️ New Moon Maps to Manifest
♥️ Full Moon Cards to Let Go
♥️ In a pack of 12 (6 new moon & 6 full moon cards each)
♥️ 13 x 18 cm each made of high-quality linen cardboard in watercolor style
♥️ wall decoration with back to fill in

Moon cards make your wishes come true
The moon cards help you to realize your dreams on the new moon. On the full moon, the moon cards support you in letting go and beautify day in & day out of your home.

Moon Card Set: What awaits you
♥️ moon cards in watercolor optics that make your innermost & your walls shine
♥️ 6 different new moon cards each for manifesting with room for your wishes on the back, incl. affirmation
♥️ 6 different full moon cards to let go with space for your thoughts on the back, incl. affirmation
♥️ Moon cards made of high-quality textured linen paper with rounded corners
♥️ back for labeling, suitable for your routine
♥️ incl. lovingly designed instructions
♥️ 13 cm x 18 cm
♥️ A life with the moon
♥️ A life in harmony with the phases of the moon brings you closer to yourself and lets you go through life more relaxed.

Hello Full Moon: The Effect of the Full Moon Card
At the full moon, it's time to stop and say goodbye to things that are no longer good for you. That can be anything: thoughts, habits, pain – With the moon cards you intuitively find out what burdens you and can just let it go. Just write it down on the full moon map & let it go. On the wall or wherever, the moon map reminds you of your strengths and at the same time conjures up a great profound flair in your four walls!

Hi New Moon: The Effect of the New Moon Map
At the new moon, the lunar cycle starts and everything starts all over again: this is the best mood to define your wishes and send the desire into the universe! The new moon helps you make your dreams come true – so write everything on the back and find a special place in your home. With every glance you can connect anew with your wish.

Profound wall decoration that always reminds you of your wishes
Wishes come true when we feel them. So let yourself be reminded of your dreams at every sight of the moon cards and thus strengthen the feeling.

The moon cards not only do well on your four walls, but also make your innermost self shine!

May the power of the moon always be with you & may you always shine in the face of the moonlight.